07 February 2005

40 Days and 40 Nights

In the true tradition of Lent, one of my friends decided to give up something extremely radical. I'm not talking about sex or beer for heaven's sake, that would just be sacrilege, but I am talking about a common vice of the mere student: Takeaway. OK I hear you cry, easy as pie. Not so easy! For one thing, have you ever tried to define what constitutes as takeaway? I mean if you have McDonalds but eat in, that's not takeaway! Argh the dilemmas. And as Lent is fast approaching with no clear idea of what is entailed in our quest, my friends and I have no idea what exactly we are supposed to be giving up for these 5 or so weeks up until Easter. I'm not religious but I still think it's a good thing to do together, then there's less temptation, and it will benefit all of our health in the long run. I think it's time, however, to get in the frozen pizzas to eat after a night out. After all it's not takeaway now is it?


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