20 February 2005

Focker Island

Well the meet the parents seemed to go pretty well. Rhys met my mum and my dad this weekend (plus lots of other random people in my family and friends of family). Shame about the domestics that ensued from having my mum and my dad together in the same house and the discussion which we have all been dreading: who you going to live with then? Anyway, sorted it out, but was not nice. Also saw my cousin who's dancing now and is a pink lady in their production of Grease.

Went on my first proper date with Rhys to Mimmo's (Italian back home) so that was good fun. Also my brother has loads of wristbands, and I want some, but I'm not gonna buy them off Ebay because they're for charity, and that's what counts, not just the fashion. Moral high ground has been taken.


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