11 February 2005

Let's Bowl, Let's Bowl, Let's Rock & Roll

Well the weekend is practically upon us, and I'm looking forward to this one in particular. The University 10 pin Bowling club is heading off to BUSA in Nottingham for the weekend. Yes, a weekend away with Rhys and everyone else, and the fun which may entail from this venture is yet to be known. I think that is precisely the reason I'm so excited. Ooh anticipation.

Also pretty excited about the bowling side of things. I've been doing pretty well recently, and my average is soaring to the sky!! not sure of exact figures but I think it worked out around 140/150 somewhere which seriously can't be bad. And I'm feeling pretty confident about BUSA. Saying that though, in previous tournaments I've been awful.

In other news grading for my yellow belt in ju jitsu soon and although the first few sessions back after Christmas were painful to say the least, I'm getting back into it and the road to black belt is re-opened. OK will be a long time yet, but it's progressing well, and that's what I like.


Blogger Rhys said...

Hehe. See you in Nottingham, though you won't be able to read it until you get back. You'll have to ask me nicely to read this. But to find out you need to ask me nicely, you'll have to read this.....

...oooh the paradoxes!!!

8:31 am  
Blogger Sazzle said...

Rhys, one day you'll start making sense! Or maybe not.

3:19 pm  

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