13 February 2005

Little Miss Chatterbox

Well it's been quite a weekend in Nottingham. I bowled pretty badly, as predicted, though only 5 pins below average in the end. We had a great time though. I met Rhys's brother which was cool and we all went out drinking in Nottingham. Me being me, I got talking to some girls in the toilets about circumcision and the benefits and disadvantages of it. Oh yes, my nights out include some very interesting conversations, but never before have these conversations included total randoms. I also got talking to someone who I let go in front of me at the bar which was pretty cool. And after getting talking to a staff member in Virgin Megastores today about the Matrix, Rhys is convinced I will talk to just anyone. Well yes, it's true, I even spoke to my ex this weekend along with god knows how many other bowlers.

We didn't actually win anything in Nottingham which was a bit of a bummer, but I managed to stay awake almost all weekend hyped up on caffiene, and I am now coming down from it. Bah, I'm not gonna keep intaking caffiene as I know it's bad for you, but saying that I may have to pull an all nighter to get my tutorial work (that I didn't do in Nottingham) done for tomorrow. Ahh caffiene and the sweet joys of a Starbucks Tall Mocha with cream. Or maybe as I'm now skint a good old fashioned cup of tea would be appropriate....


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