17 February 2005

Oh Tequila! You Make Me Happy

Or not as the case may be. Last night we were doing our usual Wednesday thing with the bowlers at the Hope and Anchor where they give us free food! Someone suggested that we should go out to town. Splendid: more alcohol. It was at this point that one of the bowlers, Mike turned round and said he was playing an accoustic set at Bar Ca Va in Liverpool. So we all trekked down there after a few pints in a few other places. I managed to get quite drunk by this point and lost my purse at the bar which made me panic, but it had just fallen on the floor. Phew!

Anyway, back to the point, Paul decided that I should get a tequila. Now I don't even like tequila but the concept of flavoured tequila in my slightly inebriated state was quite attractive(ish). One aniseed tequila later, i thought, thats good, let's have another. I don't even remember what flavour I got. The lemon was damn good though, I love sucking lemons. This morning, as a consequence, my liver feels nearly as turbulent as my bank balance. Whoops. Although given that I drank way more than 2 tequilas I can't blame the whole episode on it really...or can I?


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