04 February 2005

The Search for the Holy Grail

After reading the Da Vinci Code in a mere few days (I couldn't put it down) I have quite honestly been able to think of little else which as well as distracting me from my studies formed another quite useful distraction from my only exercise of ju jitsu last night: The Real Da Vinci Code: a program on Channel 4 which discussed whether the facts of the book were real or not. Now I'm no fool, I know it's a novel and as such should not be taken as gospel. After all it's a great read and I'd reccomend it to anyone. However, it has made me question some traditional beliefs and has got me obsessed with looking for hidden meaning in everything.

Anyway, the program was not as interesting as it was billed to be and quite a bit longer than I expected, but pretty much ripped the factual bits of the book apart. However, this has not ruined the beauty of the book for me, nor has it prevented me from questioning things which the book also questions. Legends and folklore come from somewhere so maybe the truth is out there. But I'm not about to go on a quest, even though I would like to see the art in the book and the famous Louvre at some point on my planned travels. I think instead for now, my personal quest should remain getting that black belt.


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