28 March 2005

God Bless 30 day Trials

Well BT internet won't let us have broadband for another 2 weeks because that's how long it apparently takes to get it. I say what a load of codswallop, but anyway, my dad came up with the ingenious idea of using a free 30 day trial thing and then not taking them up on it. FANTASTIC. This means that I do have internet access. However, it does come with a snag! Dial up modems. Oh yes, the things we used to tolerate back i 1998 now seem soo slow. Probably the way that old cars and trains went slow and since we've gotten used to planes trains and automobiles, the way they move today, the old methods, as romantic in antiquity as they are, just don't cut the biscuit.

Anyway, I'm pretty much settled in to my new house now. I'm having to cycle to and from work which is currently taking me the poor time of half an hour. Oh dear, I am out of shape. My legs feel like they're on fire and I know they will only be worse tomorrow. However, I've had the idea that seeing as I'm working a shift which fits in with the bus times, I could possibly get the bus tomorrow and give my legs some well deserved rest. Anyway, I think seeing as I have to get up for work in 6 and a half hours, I'd better finish up and go to bed. Night xx


Anonymous ~Andrea~ said...

Come on Sarah pump those leg muscles!

3:37 am  
Blogger Ian Edwards said...

Dial Up modems aren't that bad really. I've been on a 56k modem since 1999! Although, as soon as I decide where im living when I leave Uni, getting broadband is one of the first things I'll do!

As far as going to work goes, I say take the bus! Much less hassle!

4:09 pm  
Blogger Rhys said...

Who are you with with your 30 day trial? If AOL, I can tell from experience they are a bugger to cancel. I'll speak to you more about it tomorrow hunnie ;)

10:22 pm  

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