04 March 2005

Lazy Daisy, Give us your answer do...

Yes I have had a very lazy week in general. I have not even done any uni work this week. Except having a tutorial on the use of force in international law, and the discussion ending up being about conspiracy theories about 9/11 and farenheight 9/11. Very good really, and alot of fun. Also managed to blag yet another tutorial. Oh yes I am good.

I spent most of yesterday trying to find something interesting to get Rhys for his 21st birthday. Was looking for something Welsh but unfortunately no such luck in Liverpool. Also the consideration of getting him something with ENGLAND on (devilish laugh) was considered too cruel to do for his 21st. Maybe for another occasion hehe. On a serious note we did go out on our second ever date (and we've been together for near 3 months now) to La Tasca. Now Rhys has never been before, or had Spanish food at all, but he really enjoyed it. It was really nice, with our waitress being so friendly that we left her almost £5 tip. Oh yes it was a nice birthday meal, but I think he was more impressed with his birthday present, and the cake I got him, complete with candles, which he is having tonight for his actual birthday, before we go to the Krazyhouse (I'm scared).


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