11 March 2005

Meat Markets and Gender Recognition

Well it's been a pretty substandard week, with Wednesday resulting in the usual Wednesday 'I didn't mean to go out drinking' night out. This week, no casino (thankfully) but we ended up int he dive of all dives, a place where I hate more than the thought of firey hell itself: The Raz! Otherwise known as the Blue Angel this place is all I should stand against as a feminist and a respectable(ish) citizen. Basically, it's a place where students flock in order to get drunk, dance to music which by definition, blows and generally it's also what's known as a meat market. I have more than a smidgen of self respect so therefore, it's not a good place for me.

Mind you, before that I had the best conversation (OK yes, about sex as usual) that I've had in a long time, and this combined with downing Reef made the night pretty much bearable (no offence at all to the company because that was GREAT). Other than that, little has happened in the land of Sazzle, despite me displaying schizophrenic tendencies of who am I after a few pints, which in all honesty are still haunting me now. Argh, someone let me know, is it OK to think like a man and then like a full-blown woman 10 seconds later? I think not, and it gets me down, but I can't help who I am I guess and I should stop trying to conform to gender stereotypes I guess.


Blogger Peter said...

I think it's fine to think like a man then like a full-blown woman 10 seconds later. Do you want to? Why conform to society's stereotypes of male and female personalities? Why fit in; stick out and show off!

(I think I've taken this post far too seriously!)

Anyway, do your own thang I say.

7:22 pm  
Blogger Sazzle said...

I think you may have taken it the right way. I just got a bit down on myself the other day and started to feel schizophrenic. I do know who I am, just doesn't mean I have to like it all the time.

4:43 am  

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