21 March 2005

The Princess has been in another castle

Super Mario Allstars were the ultimate champions of the Hull fancy Dress Trios. Yes, we won the tournament. Well we sneaked through to the stepladder final, just. And we had to play off for third place, then for second place against the team that almost knocked us out, so we had a bone to pick. I think we were also spurred on by the fact that we'd play against the other Liverpool team, The Flintstones. We managed to beat them, although it was tough really, through a little 'friendly' competition. Unfortunately we didn't win the fancy dress competition, but it was between us two Liverpool champion teams and some people dressed as beer cans. I think they got the sympathy vote because they couldn't bowl dressed like that. It was a pretty rubbish night out, as we left the club in the hotel early after a fight broke out.

The second day was the Quads, where we managed, just to get through to the final 4 but remained 4th as although we were bowling pretty well, the other teams were just much better. Anyway I managed to get High Game Scratch trophy (182) and High Series Handicap, too, losing out by 0.666etc on the high female average, but hey was a pretty successful weekend and I won lots of beer and had much fun dressing up as Princess Peach.

Also have had a very successful week at bowling last Wednesday. I got my top ever score beating my 210, and now it's 226. Also got my top series score of 549 (beat 510). The ususal Wednesday drinking session wasn't executed, mainly because I went on yet another date with Rhys to see the film Hitch. It was worth a watch but not the best film I've ever seen. Anyway, I'm now back home for Easter in Blackpool and I have some packing to do, as we're moving house on Wednesday!


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