08 March 2005

What Does Mine Say?

I have been slack with the ju jitsu and worse still have just eaten ridiculous amounts of chinese fooooood. My god, why does Dude Where's my Car have to haunt me this week. As a film I've not seen in about a year I don't know why I can't escape it this week. I mean in Krazyhouse they had it playing on the TV things (although you couldn't hear the words - granted) and then 2 days later it was on TV and now chinese foooooood. Oh dear, I feel like I have entered some sort of alternate universe or something. ARGH! OK panic over, it has actually been a quiet few days with my main priority (well not priority but activity) being Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Ay well, things can only get worse, especially as I have to meet with the senior tutor regarding my recent exam failures etc. I tell you, law is hard (well more hard to be in the mood to do - boring may be a better description). Never mind, I have other plans on my life now anyway, it would just be nice to have this degree down so I don't look like a total loser wasting 3 years. Not so much I have finally made some great mates and done some cool stuffs, I am looking forward very much to the bowling tournament in Hull, where we're dressing up as who knows what - we cant make a decision - argh! Any ideas?


Blogger Rhys said...

As Guy/Conk said last, I reckon you two going as Mario Luigi and The Princess:-

Here's a picture of her:


Look honey! Pink!!!

12:39 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

I still reckon hippies would be a decent one

11:05 pm  

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