07 April 2005

Age is Wisdom?

OK so I've not posted for a few days after my excessive postage over the weekend. I've been busy working and yesterday after work I went to Liverpool to spend one evening with Rhys. But I read a livejournal today which makes me want to post something which I'd not before thought. They always say you can learn from those who are older, and from my experience I have tried to give this person some advice, with which I hope that at the very least she will consider. However, her recent post has made me think hard about my own situation, both at her age and also at my time of life now.

I have learnt from her random musings that I'm not a freak for feeling the way I do. I get depressed, and much of this is to do with conflicting feelings, not least about my sexuality. When I was single, the only person who could both keep me happy as pie and also as depressed as hell was my friend M. She teased me to the point where I has to ask Rhys to rescue me. She knows how I feel about her, and I know she doesn't feel the same, but she teases me still. ARGH! But I now feel that all the uncertainty is just something you go through. I guess in some ways I'm still uncertain, though 80% sure. Oh, I don't know, I want to be certain, but at the moment that would be wrong on all concerned, depsite it making me periodically unhappy.

But anyway I'm waffling, what I meant to say is listen to what people of all ages have to say. It may not all be relevant, but we can all help each other realise who we are. We know each other for a reason, and I believe this may be the reaon why.


Blogger Peter said...

I'm confused by your second paragraph but anyway, why do you want to be certain. Don't life's uncertanties make it that more interesting?

Why is your sexuality a problem?

More info! More more more!! Or at least show me where to look :)

4:54 pm  
Blogger Sazzle said...

You're confused? I'm a confuzzled sazzle, and even more so lately. Anyway, one day it will make sense when it makes sense in my own mind.

7:35 pm  

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