04 April 2005


Well, been bowling today. Did appallingly. 108, 144 and 117. Who would have guessed that my average at Edge Lane is 140+? Ay well, I hate Blackpool anyway and now I have another reason: crap bowling centres. Anyway, caught the end of the jazz night at my local. Really wasn't in the mood though to be honest all of them, as usual were over 35 by a long way. How on earth am I meant to pull in places like that? At least the Bay Horse has some pretty fit young footballing lads that go in there. Oops sorry Rhys, you know I'm only kidding, but I like to be able to talk to people my own age in pubs. I'd have done you proud if you could have seen me tonight. I do indeed talk to anyone who will listen.

No, I do like jazz, but I wish sometimes I could find someone my own age who could share my passion for the good things in life, and not think I'm a snob for likeing jazz, the theatre, and art. These things are good and allow for expression, something which is all too absent in todays consumerist throw-away society. I hate my generation. I hate their apathy, in many ways and generally I'm, feeling pretty angry tonight. I love my generation, yet in many ways I have nothing in common with them. I hate people who do things because 'it's cool' and yes, this includes all you moshers who are even less individual than the townies. You 2 groups are more alike than you think.

I guess I'm just feeling frustrated, in alot of ways I've become my own person over the past year, but in alot of ways I'm restricted in what I can do, as there's only so much you can do on your own. I sometimes forget that I'm more open minded than my peers in alot of ways (although more stuck in my ways in some ways) and not everyone is like me. I just want to find one person....just one.


Blogger Peter said...

Oh I do love a good post that's full of moans.

I quite like listening to the 'lounge jazz' they have on shoutcast.com sometimes. I can just imagine myself in a posh hotel leaning against the bar, looking into they eyes of an attractive lady and saying, "The name's bond. *James* Bond."

The theatre? I quite liked watching Swan Lake at the Empire. Although, it did take me at least 10 minutes to shake off the giggles of seeing the outline of the main character's cock through his tights. Oh what fun.

Art? Well, what IS art? Definitely not that shark.

10:27 am  
Blogger Rhys said...

"I'd have done you proud if you could have seen me tonight. I do indeed talk to anyone who will listen."

I knew that anyway hunnie.

As far as the rest of this post goes, I feel I am unable to comment as I belong in the throw away apathetic society you hate (I'm in the dark side...wooooooo!!!). I'd like to think I'm individual, but (as you well know) I don't have an interest in anything you talk about above. Potter's probably your best bet :)

But yeah, we all wish we could find somebody to talk about the things we like the most. I wish I had somebody I can talk about the last 10 years of WWE with, and the complete history of video games, but there is nobody around (second I talk about the Alone in the Dark trilogy I see yawns from everyone).

So I guess I can say, you're not alone.

Oh, and regarding the football comments, I know you wouldn't run off with a footballer. You prefer rugby players ;)

5:13 pm  
Blogger Sazzle said...

Well on the football thing, I'm statistically on more footballers than rugby players so beware woooooh! And yeh i hate the throw away culture. I guess I'm a little bit of hippy at heart. I don't like mobile phones and as soon as I leave uni the mobile is going. I'm gonna be like Carrie from Sex and the City. You can only get me on my home phone. People say 'oh how will you cope?' but reality check, people have done without mobiles for years, I think I'll be fine. Recycle and love art, and art is a vast term, anything with meaning constitutes art in my opinion. Well I'm not so angry today, though I still hate my generation in many ways, we need to support the arts or they will die and we'll all become faceless opinion-less consumers :(

8:51 pm  

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