03 April 2005

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours?

OK, so I know you're supposed to be out of bed by 11.30, but I'm a student and I work in a pub, so that's pretty damn early to me, particularly on a Sunday morning. I was woken up by an awful noise this morning and amid fears it was something in my room, in the usual disorientated 'just got up' sense, I looked out of the window to find that my neighbour was mowing the lawn, with a petrol mower, hence the noise. Argh! Can you not go to church and do it when you get back or something? The upshot is, subsequently, all the neighbours have been out mowing their lawns too. I'm just waiting to be overpowered by a distinct smell of turtlewax.

Why do people insist on doing these things on a Sunday, it's supposed to be the day of rest? Also why does everyone have to jump on the bandwaggon just because one person started it off. And another thing which amuses me greatly is why people seem to wait until their neighbour has put away the lawnmower/turtlewax before starting their own outdoor Sunday project, so as not to have to interact with the neighbours. Ah the joys of living on a suburban housing estate full of older people.


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