14 April 2005

Lucky heather?

Last night was interesting. I was in Barracuda bar and bumped into a couple of Rhys's course mates so got chatting to them and we were sat on these dead comfy couchy things. Anyway this weird looking woman, about 4'8" comes up and starts hanging about, and I thought she was one of those sellling lucky heather, you know the type, so I avoided making eye contact. She walked away and I thought thank god, what a weird woman. Anyway seconds later she comes back and throws a load of money on the table, and walks off again. I thought, this is super weird and we decided (after thinking if she was one of the 'join me' people: ruled out because it wasn't a Friday) that we'd leave the money and try and get away. At which point she notices that we hadn't touched the money and so she comes and throws more at us. At this point, myself and Jen get very scared and go and join the lads by the fruit machine. One of Rhys's mates leaves the other and eventually the other escaped because she went and sat down with them. Long story short, I've never run out of a bar before, but boy did I run, not been so scared in a long while, not since we managed to let a random drunk person into Jen's house in the middle of the night and had to get the police to come and remove her.


Blogger Ian Edwards said...

The night was just bizzare! That girl must have been off her trolley.

2:05 pm  
Blogger ste said...

Thanks to you three for leaving me with her! I did actually try speaking to her instead of just sitting there but she just ignored me! She was definatly abit strange.

7:37 pm  

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