02 April 2005

Saturday Night Entertainment

Well tonight should be a night of quality viewing. For the first time on a Saturday there is actaully a 'choice' of what to watch. For those among you who believe that time travel is not only possible but entertaining, there is the remarkable effort of Billie Piper* in the stunning Doctor Who. Never liked it the first time around, and I'm sick of the constant TV advertising when I'm trying to watch Neighbours, therefore a boycott has been issued.

For those of us who would like a slice of reality, and perhaps a few laughs alongside (after all that's what life is, a joke) there's the delights of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. Tonight should be a bobby dazzler of a show with Little Ant and Little Dec interviewing the main man, Tony Blair. Always entertaining, I have another agenda for watching this show. I've faniced Declan Donnelly since his days as Duncan in Byker Grove (Oh how much did I cry when PJ got blinded paintballing?) when I was about 10. And that includes the "Let's Get Ready to Rhumble" saga. Well anyway, with such a night of quality entertainment, and with Mr Donnelly coming into my front room, I'd better go make myself look presentable.

*Obviously realising that she needs a job now her gold digging marriage is over. Oh come on, why else would she marry THE ginger minger?


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