01 April 2005

Things we do for Love...

Yes, me, Sarah, the one who is supposed to be a player, and not have a care in the world, has of late fallen head of heels for a certain Welshman. And what did this misadventure have me do this week? Well I haven't seen said Welshman for 2 weeks and was missing him, so I decide to ask if he wants to meet up. Ok neither of us has the time we'd like to this weekend to meet up properly, at either of our homes (dammit) but me being spontaneous, sincere (and whatever the other one was) decides, I know we could meet halfway for lunch in Chester.

So there I am, sat on a train at an ungodly hour this morning (10.17) £15 lighter in the back pocket with a 2 hour journey, involving 2 changes to see my darling Welshman in Chester. I hoped he appreciated me doing this, and amid fears I was going to be stood up (don't ask why) I called him at Crewe and he said he had got me a present.

Oooh I thought, now Rhys isn't too good at this kind of thing, so after a little thought about what I'd have to say if he's gotten me something truly disastrous, I put it to the back of my mind and enjoyed the rest of my journey. Anyway, I got to Chester and no need to fret, he'd got me one of the coolest things in the world, I knew he loved me: a magazine of picture puzzles. Oh well so much for the coursework, these things are addictive.


Blogger Rhys said...

What can I say hunnie. I do pay attention :)

11:14 pm  

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