23 April 2005

Think pizza....

Think domino's. Yes everyone, guess what I had for tea last night. One hell of a domino's feast. Really shouldn't have, but hey. screw it, I wanted it, I had the money and the prospect of cooking was not a happy one. So now today I actually don't feel too bad, and had leftover pizza for breakfast mmmmm. Ah the days of being a student are nearing to a close. Mind you I'm still going to be studying, doing my second degree course in French and Spanish which should be alot of fun,. if not very expensive and a lot of hard work.

Now I need to find myself a nice little easy going job, so I won't get too stressed, and will still be able to pay for the said course, and have a life, see my mates and keep up the active life. I don't do things by halves I can tell you! OOOh the post-uni/law life plan is starting to kick in. Including the not so happy prospect of losing the uni bulge which is going to be hell: no more domino's. Oh well it's for my own good. Right while I'm thinking productively (if not in terms of my course, then my life) I may go and continue with the good work of organising my life. Wahoo! Stuff thinking about who to vote for, I haven't got time!


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