21 June 2005

Faking It!

I read Pete's blog, and there was a link to a BBC feature about faking orgasms. I read this, and found it to be very interesting. You're apparently more likely to orgasm with your socks on. I also found this picture on there!
This is apparently what a fake orgasm looks like, according to the study. Hang on honey, I'm just gonna get the scanner out to see if you're faking. It's interesting to see that in the 'real orgasm' scans, the results are similar:
Possibly the women who were 'faking it' were actually experiencing something of an orgasm anyway, as the results seem to show, they were just consious of making sure their partner knew of it? Professor Gert Holstege also suggests that "If you are fearful, it is very hard to have sex. It's very hard to let go." He said this was useful for men to know. "When you want to make love to a woman, you must give her the feeling of being protected." I think his comments may be an issue in long term relationships, possibly, but in the case of casual sex, I still reckon it's a case of mere stimulation. Saying that, I am the exception to almost every rule. And I would never fake an orgasm (ahem)!


Blogger Rhys said...

Did anybody know if Meg Ryan wore socks in that bit of "When Harry Met Sally"? :P

Not wanting to descend into a Richard and Judy esque public discussion of private interests, but I was fairly sure when you weren't faking it.

2:44 pm  

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