20 June 2005


I went round to my mum's today to say hello. I ate my lunch which I took with me: a breadstick, turkey, sage and onion stuffing, cherries, and OJ. Very scrummy stuff. And then after fussing the dogs, I was feeling a bit off so I went inside and lay down on the couch. My mum woke me up and put me in her bed (not literally, just told me to go and lie down properly) and I set my alarm for an hour later. I slept, in the day. Now I never sleep in the day, even though I've been a student for 3 years, and even in the heat of the day on holiday, I can never take the recommended siesta. It's just not in my nature. So I guess I must be ill. I've got a pretty bad cold crossed-pollenated (literally) with hayfever. I thought it was just hayfever, so I dutifully went and got some Piriton, and the eyes no longer itch. However, I still can't stop sneezing and my head is pounding. I did have two sets of plans for tonight, and I really wanted to go out and enjoy myself. However, I don't think I'd be great company, so I think instead I'll just have a takeaway curry and maybe a bottle of wine and sit in and chill in my PJs.


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