20 July 2005

Deadjournals to ALIVE

OK so earlier on I resisted the urge to blog for fear of my blog turning into a major deadjournal (again) but things are looking up(ish). I mean before I was getting annoyed with my social life turning around my family, as my mates back home are always busy when I have time off and vice versa. I was also gettin fed up of feeling lonely and wanting a boyfriend...blah blah.

I decided that I'm going to forget all my worries and go down the pub. Yes I broke my tee-totalness with one pint. Just one! A pint which to be frank I did not enjoy in the slightest. In fact the only reason I bought it was because the soft drinks were so expensive and I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth!

I went to see a band called The Deadbeats. I've heard great reviews about these guys, and with justification, they rocked. I forgot all about my problems and the other people in the room and was mesmerised by the lead singer. And for the record, I don't fancy him, but he is such an amazing singer and performer. They're a covers band and they played loads of songs, but particular ones to note which were excellent were "I saw her standing there", "Baggy Trousers" and "I would walk 5oo miles".

Anyway I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for these guys again. I have seen them twice before but one I didn't actually realise it was them until they'd finished and the other time I was too busy talking (so unlike me hehe). So I did go to the pub knowing they'd be there and for that reason, but I was absolutely astounded by just how good they were. And I'm feeling in such a good mood now. I love when music can do that to you, because it's certainly not that one pint, that's making me feel sick!


Blogger Rhys said...

Hehehe. You said to me you were knackered after coming in from the pub. And you only had one pint. That makes you a One Pint Wonder!


11:17 pm  

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