09 July 2005

"Exercise gives you endorphins, endorpins make you hapy, happy people don't shoot their husbands...."*

I've had a fun few days since posting the quiz. On Wednesday night I was working and I got a call when I finished asking me to come to a house party. So of course, I'm not one to turn down a party, even if I do have work at 11 the next morning. So I went round and everyone was hammered. They were all trying to get me to drink, but no, I'm not drinking for July, so they all eventually accepted that. What ensued was riotous!!

It started with a mass grope in the kitchen, which could have been alot more fun had it gone further, but basically we were comparing breasts, and suprise, I have the biggest!! Then a little later one of the lads went into the bathroom, piked up waht he thought was deodorant, and sprayed it under his arm. It turned out to be shaving foam, which meant that we had a shaving foam fight, with one of the lads ending up looking like a snowman. After a bout wrestling each other in the front room, and running around screaming, we actually jus sat down and talked until 3.30, at which point I got a cab home, seeing as I needed to get suff for work the next morning.

I worked the day and then I went to ju jitsu in the evening. After finishing work I cycled to my mum's house for tea and then to ju jitsu. Now that's 40 minues exercise right there. And then the 1 1/2 hours of ju jitsu which was totally different to what I'm used to, but still pretty good, and I'm definately going again. Was doing rally small moves which inflict a great deal of pain, which was alot of fun. I mentioned Dave to the indstructor, and he showed me some pictures of him as a kid with curtains, that was funny. Anyway I biked home, got changed and went to the pub (on my bike) which gave me another 45 mins exercise.

I was bouncing off the walls when I got there. Although C was there with his new girlfriend, I'd made sure I looked as sexy as possible and went to flirt with his mates, who are going away for a few months to work in Malia, Crete. Bought Neil and Lee a drink and got a kiss off both of them, which was cool. Don't know if he even noticed, because I didn't even acknowlege him, "Ignore Daniel and be fabulous with everyone else Bridget". Heehee, my mum laughed at that one!! Thing was, with all those endorphins rushing around my system I couldn't sit still for longer than about 15 minutes! Ahh it was a fun night, even if it didn't end up lasting til 3.30am again!

*Legally Blonde


Blogger Rhys said...

Jesus christ woman, I feel very inferior now compared to your exercise binge, what with jujitsu, cycling and...errr...wrestling getting your heart rate up and all :)

Yes, I'm on holiday, in an internet cafe. Sue me.

2:17 pm  

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