12 July 2005


I'm now on day 12 of my tee-total thing, and really wishing that I'd never started it. I haven't lost a single pound in weight and I'm craving a cold beer more than anything at the moment. Anyway I'm house sitting at the moment and looking after my mum's dogs while she's on holiday, so lack of posts is due to no internet access. Plus I have very little to say at the moment, all I'm doing is work and housework. This weather is gorgeous, but not so much for working in or cycling in. Wish I could just go and sit on a beach or something. Oh wait, I live near Blackpool, I pretty much could just go and do that!! Hmm, shame I have to be in work at 5. Mind you if the weather holds out, I could do it tomorrow, I have the day off!


Blogger Ally said...

Have a nice day off ... it's too hot here even to sit out in our 'garden' (yard with a few flowers in pots).

BTW, I never said 'good for you' for not going to your graduation. I went to both of mine because of family pressure and hated every single minute :).

2:33 pm  
Blogger Loki said...

You're straightedge! that's cool with me!

9:19 pm  

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