03 August 2005

House of Trouser

OK so I've had a great day today, been out with my mum done alot of the errands that needed doing and had my hair done. I also put a load of washing in before I went out thinking I'd only be an hour or 2, I could hang it out when I got back. Not so, I was a long time gone, and I get home and someone has kindly hung out the washing that was in the drum. I'm pleased about this because I've been trying to call home all day to ask someone to do it and getting no reply.

I go to put the second load in the drum to wash it, and there are my clothes, and they've been washed, cool. But Nooooo! Some knobhead (probably the same person who actually thought a washer/drier combined was actually any good) had put them on a dry cycle. Now I'm gonna contextualise here. Most of my clothes are not machine dryable, particularly bras, as it causes the underwire to come out. Which would be fine if I could replace them for £6 a piece down at ASDA but being 'blessed' with larger boobs, they cost a minimum of £25 each! I know I'm not supposed to machine wash them either, but drying tends to do more damage than washing does and I hate hand-washing.

I've bought most of my own clothes since I was 13, and from the moment my mum ruined the only designer item of clothing I've ever bought, which incidentally cost $90, I've done my own washing. So the new rule of the house (now we've sorted the problem of the boys barging in my room without knocking first) is going to be no-one touches my washing; unless I ask them explicitly to do so. I guess now I just have to work on sorting out some sort of cleaning rota, a way keeping the house tidy and putting the toilet seat (and lid - for feng shui and hygiene reasons) down after use. Man I want my own place soooooo bad, living with 3 men is getting me down.


Blogger Ally said...

Know what you mean about the bra's thing. I've had to rescue mine from Polish Lodger's helpfulness a couple of times. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to translate the phrase "it makes the elastic lose it's stretchyness and the underwires come out" in to Polish? :).

9:15 am  

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