15 August 2005

More Pigeon Fun

Yes I am obsessed with pigeons. I was on my way back from Manchester and therefore sat at Piccadilly station, platform 14. As it was tea time I'd visited Burger King and had my burger and chips and was sat eating them. A lonely pigeon came up and it looked hungry so I threw a chip at it, since I know pigeons are a fan of chips. Anyway this prompted another 4 pigeons to fly in and they weren't having all my chips. One of them came very close to me and amid fears it was going to attack me, it went for a half sausage roll someone had left in the packet on the platform floor next to me. I removed it from it wrapper, threw it whole at the pigeons and watched them fight over it. All together quite amusing.


Blogger Rhys said...

Oh it must be nice to be easily amused :P

4:49 pm  
Blogger Sazzle said...

No comment!

10:42 pm  

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