17 August 2005



Do you wear black eyeliner?: well as I’m a girl and I don’t go more than normal eyeliner for girls I’ll give this a no vote for the topic
Do you own any black clothing?: very little actually, though the LBD is in my wardrobe
Do you think about death often?: can’t say I really do
Do you want to die?: not right now, but I’m gonna anyway at some point
Are you a social outcast?: don’t think so, but what do I know
Are you pale?: Nah, I like having a tan, though not turning into a sunbed queen or worse St Tropez
Do you like Hot Topic?: probably not

Total YES: 0

--Skater Punk--

Can you skateboard? Hahaha. Oh right, we’re being serious. If you mean, can you fall off a skateboard the minute you put a foot on it……
Do you wear Vans? Nah, sketchers girl me
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends? Define stupid stuff… nah not really.
Do you get in trouble?: define trouble…. No nothing illegal or anything.
Do you listen to punk bands: A little
Do you have any piercings?: Just the ears
Do you like/wear mohawks?: Um, not a look I’d go for but don’t dislike

Total YES: 1


Do you say the word "like": Ummm, guilty
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: I love A&F
Are the A&F models hot?: Yep
Rock music is bad, right?: Nah, all music has its merits (and demerits)
Do you want to be in a sorority/fraternity? Yeh, how cool?
Into jocks?: straps? Hehe, I guess I like sporty/fit guys
Are/were you a cheerleader?: Aw if I was American I would have loved to have been.

Total YES: 6


Is your hair long?: Um it’s soooo short (well it’s halfway down my back but I miss those 4 inches like a limb) but not too long for a girl
Are you a vegetarian?: No
Do you own a tye-dye shirt?: Ewwwww
Do you want peace?: Yes
Do you want to save the animals: depends on what we’re saving them from
Do you think the war is unnecessary?: I’m a pacifist and think that we should try and settle problems by communicating, not blowing the shit outta each other.

Total YES: 2


Are you from the ghetto?: Hmm no.
Do you own "bling bling"?: No, not a fan of gold, like costume jewellery that matches shoes/handbags, dress accessorise to the max!
Do you wear do-rags?: I’ll have a stab in the dark - no
Do you like hip-hop?: Actually yes, proper hip-hop sounds good
Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world: Not that knowledgeable on the subject
Do you like afros?: Hmm 70s funk type cool-ish. No real opinion.
Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: only when I read this out loud hehe.

Total YES: 1


Do you cry often?: No more than the next guy
Do you have an acoustic guitar?: Yes but I can’t play it.
Are you emotional?: I have my moments but for a girl I’m pretty heartless
Do you like soft music: Music and its merits comes to mind again. Like most music
Do people not understand you?: Um no, but that’s mainly because I’m a little insane and no-one can really keep up
Do you write your own songs?: I have 6 lines to a song, it’s a slow process, but I don’t want it to be a depressing song.
Is your hair dyed dark? BLONDIE!!!!

Total YES: 2


Do you play sports?: Not particularly
Are they important to you?: nah
Do you pick on the geeky kids?: nah I’m nice to everyone (except Rhys hehe)
Do you like football?: I love it to get drunk and shout abuse at the TV screen - ahhhh
Were you considered a bully by anyone?: Only the barman at the pub, and he’s deluded
Was the person you bullied a total dork?: I don’t bully him at all, it’s in his head

Total YES: 1

--Surf Bum--

Do you surf?: I can’t because of my ears, damn not fair.
Do you wear flip flops year-round?: I hate flip flops – toe dividing shoes hurt my feet
Is your hair shaggy?: Shiny, gorgeous and well groomed always :P
Do you wake up at 6 or before every morning?: Not every morning, but for work only
Do you own any pairs of shorts?: Nooooooo, showing my legs to the world. OUCH
Are you tan? Not at the moment, but I like to be.

Total YES: 1 and a half


Do you wear glasses?: No, I have them but I don’t like to wear them
Do you get good grades?: Somehow I managed at school, didn’t do too well at uni though
Do you use an inhaler?: nah
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: pockets on shirts? Hang on, shirts?
Does your mom pick out your clothes?: I’m my mum’s personal shopper, so other way round.
Are you on the computer often?: When I’m not at work/in bed/at the pub/out
Did you ever get picked on?: Yeh I was at school, but I’ve realised now it was because people were jealous of me/fancied me, not being bigheaded but been told.

Total YES: 1 and 2 halves

Result: I’m a prep. Not really suprising.


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Hey that's not too bad. better than being a whiny cry-baby like my result!

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