13 August 2005

Torn between two worlds

Last night we went to Bar B, with some of the guys from work and it's a really cool place. However, we didn't stay there too long as the straight kids I was with wanted to go to Jenx. I felt really torn at this point, I liked both places, but in the end I didn't want to be the only girl, so I left. Apparently they stayed there all night, so I didn't really miss out on too much I guess. The weird thing was, I wasn't drinking in Bar B and I was more comfortable there than I was in Jenx (where incidentally I was drinking hehe) for some reason. I managed to get pretty drunk and stay out later than anticipated, which considering I was in work at 8.30 was a pretty stupid thing to do. Managed to lose £20 and oversleep, which meant £6 in the taxi this morning to work. Ouch, I hate nights like that.

One good thing was, I found somewhere you can get a sausage barm at 7am in the morning, and there is a whole other side to Blackpool early Saturday morning, including very cheery milkmen. It's been an OK day at work, things are starting to get tense, because someone is driving me crazy, generally by telling me how to do things which I plainly know how to do, as it's basic stuff. Apparently though, I'm not the only one who feels this way, which is reassuring, because I have a tendency to get a little narky over things like that for very little reason. It just annoys me when people interfere unnecessarily and don't just get on with what they need to do themselves. Ay well, rant over on that one. Not sure what to do with my Saturday night but Shakespeare in Love is on the TV so may just watch that if I have nothing better to do. I'm running out of things to do on the internet, I get bored too easily.


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