09 October 2005


I know, I'm a libra. I know I can't make a decision to save my life but there's one I'm starting to feel I have to make. Gay or straight? The problem is I like men and women and I don't wanna be made to choose. Right now the thought of even kissing a guy makes me wanna heave. But I feel like unless I wanna be one or the other, no-one will love me. And that hurts, more than anything in the world. I literally feel torn in 2. I've never felt so confused or so alone.....


Blogger Ally said...

I don't think you have to choose. By choosing, you limit yourself, you cut out 50% of the population, the 50% that might contain the one person in the world that's most suited to you.

Be yourself. Be the you that is perfect, the you that is whole, the you that is the person that you are. Don't let other people's expectations, needs and prejudices limit who you are.

I can empathise - I went through a long period feeling I had to choose and not feeling that choosing was right for me. Falling in love with B meant I was no longer in that position - it is him, the person that he is, that is important, not his gender. It took the confusion away. Difficult. [hug].

12:14 pm  
Blogger Damian said...

Damn and I thought choosing a pair of jeans for work was difficult in the morning!


Ally is right and puts it better than me (I have a way with words). In defense of mankind (not womanking) I think your recent experiences of men has'nt been good, in fact, you been attracting a bunch of W*****s (which is not your fault) but don't let that cloud your judgement as there are a few good eggs out there (and I'm not just talking about me, obviously!!).

But if a nice lady takes your fancy......

12:20 pm  
Blogger Damian said...

Doh...I meant womankind not king!!

Damn fingers.

12:21 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

I think you're wrong about thinking no-one will love you if you're one or the other.

To expect you to be either black or white is a bit too much. Why not be bi: a nice shade of puce?

9:50 pm  
Blogger Loki said...

The answer will come. When you least expect it.

But all you have at the moment is a question. Don't be hurried to find the answer.

12:01 pm  

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