26 October 2005

Whole new me

Well I hope you're liking the new look of the blog. I've gotten to the point where I feel pink is no longer me. As I'm liking green so much at the moment I thought I'd have that as my colour. There are a few things Rhys is going to help me with as I'm not entirely happy with the template, but all is good generally.

I'm really excited but somewhat nervous about getting my hair cut. Even though most people think it's a crazy idea, it's not going to be any shorter than in the pic, so I'm not too scared. Still, conisdering it's now halfway down my back, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I really want it gone though, as I grew it for all the wrong reasons. The colour is the scariest part. I had red hair a few years back, and it was awful, but otherwise I've been blonde since I was 16 so going back to my roots (as Dave put it tonight) is kinda weird.

As for the other things which I won't talk too much about, I thought I was over it, but she walked into Starbucks and made me all nervous and flustered and I started marking cups wrong. Argh. Well she shouldn't wink at me in that way. Seriously I have never had such a big crush on anyone in all my life. I feel like I'm 13 again, not 23.


Blogger Ally said...

I like the green-ness, not that I didn't like the pink, but I think this is nicer. Sounds like a very enjoyable crush, too :).

10:32 am  
Blogger Sazzle said...

PS I apologise for lack of linkage to people but at the moment I've fallen out with the html for blogrolling so done a few links that I could remember by hand. All will be OK when I get the genuis that is Rhys to give me a hand. Yey.

8:16 am  
Blogger Damian said...


You look so cute in that pic ;-)

I'd keep the long hair but, its your choice.

12:58 am  

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