28 November 2005

The blogosphere has imploded

Rhys has had a gay experience and so has my brother. What is going on? I mean I was responsible for my brother but not so for Rhys, though both of them blog their experiences very differently and from slightly different perspectives. Both blogs made me laugh loads, which is why I had to post them here, so that anyone who perchance doesn't use the list of links I spent an hour doing because I couldn't get the font size right on blogrolling so therefore did it manually (be appreciative and visit these people, they're honoured) can also appreciate the hilarity of these 2 bloggers. Anyhoo, not much to say, my night was fun too, though not much really happened in comparison to other nights out, usually consisting of a certain supervisor at work drinking too much and just wanting to "f**king dance".


Blogger Ally said...

I am going to go and click on all your painfully hand-coded links now, ashamed. [slopes off, hanging head] ... :)

10:37 am  

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