22 November 2005

Oooh eck

Today has been fun. I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping and written my Christmas cards. Feel uber organised. Went with Megan Spoon, and she sorted out my whole family's Christmas pressies, well maybe not my whole family, but she helped it had to be said. Anyway we were hanging about Sbux most of the day and left all my shopping there while we went tothe disney store and the highlight of the day Ann Summers. When we got there, there were these 4 old ladies (definately in receipt of pension old) in there and they seemed all embarrased by the novelty gifts, which me and Megan were grinning about. Then one of them walked through the back and all I heard was "ooh eck Winnie, look at this" and "oh my gosh" and things to that effect. Me and Megan practically ran out of the store laughing our arses off (almost). Then we went to coral island to play on the 2p machines, a few grabber machines (even if they are a fix) and dance machine woooo! And riding the horses, I'm sure that never seems so wrong as a kid hahahaha.


Blogger Ally said...

A few years ago I taught an internet class to eight lovely ladies between the ages of seventy-two and eighty-six. One day someone clicked on a link by accident and there, in all it's glory, was a picture of a VERY large chap, naked. But only a bit of him. A VERY large bit.

I was absolutely mortified, thinking they'd complain to the centre about my classes etc etc ... but they all gathered around the PC in fits of giggles and when I apologised, one of them said "don't worry about it dear ... we've seen it all before!" ... [more giggles]. :).

It took them six months to work out how to save a file ("we used to be able to remember things dear, but these days ... ") but they were definitely a fun crowd :).

11:18 am  
Blogger Ally said...

By the way, I saw your comment on Rhys' site - we get our broadband (and quite a lot of other stuff) from these guys, who I think are pretty good:

11:21 am  
Blogger Ian Edwards said...

Those grabber machines aren't always a fix! I won 9 teddies once in Rhyl - not sure why I wanted so many though. All gone to Charity by now, but still, it was a proud day.

1:35 am  
Blogger Alaskan_Chilli said...

2p machines are my downfall I swear!
I am jealous you got most of your Christmas shopping done, I haven't even started my familys because they are stupidly awkward to buy for..
I personally think Old ladies have a much more dirty mind than anything we could comprehend.... *shudder*

7:50 pm  

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