01 December 2005


I walked past some people today that I recognised, and it was only on walking back past them that I thought, that's where I know you from, I met you last Wednesday night at Flamingos. Well anyway I said hello, and the lad said "Julia". I said "No, Julia's my middle name though, I'm Sarah" at which point we had the "Oh we had a random conversation the other night when we were all wasted conversation." It turns out that since the girl has the same name as me, and it would be inconceivable to ave two people with the same name round one table we'd decided to use my middle name. And the other Sarah didn't want to change her name so I offered. I have vague recollections of this, and it was rather amusing to recall.

Anyway as I'd finished work and was pretty much hanging about, they said come and sit with us, which after a quick trip to Boots, I did, and we had more random conversations. S asked me if I was still confused, because I was confused the other night. Hmm Well no I'm not that confused, but in a sense I am so didn't know quite what to say, ho hum.... Well anyway I'm not an antisocial bitch and I can be myself. Result!! Woo.


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