07 December 2005

Make it snappy with those hot chocolates

Was what I heard when I was making drinks on the bar today. My inital thought was "how rude" and then I looked up to see a face peering around the bar grinning at me. A very familiar face, belonging to none other than Jeremiah Birchibald Struntz (well that's what he told his Bio teacher he was called at school), Jon Seedle. I was really shocked to see him. We were really good mates at school and as good mates do, constantly falling out over something or nothing.

Anyway a few years ago he moved to Spain and I'd not heard much from him since but got back in contact through the internet (friends reunited I think) and last time he was home he called me up and we went and got pretty drunk together. As soon as I get over the shock of seeing him, another face pops around the bar, Joanne (der turd in der tea tache) and I got all giddy starting screaming "oh my god, hi" over and over again in a very unprofessional manner. Think I scared half the customers away hehe. I was sooooo excited to see them both but couldn't chat because had drinks lining up on the bar while I was getting excited. Had to go text Jon as soon as I got my break (about 5 mins after they left the shop dammit) and hopefully we're gonna go meet up tonight for a few, should be good. Yey!


Blogger Loki said...

Ah, Jon Seedle! he was quite a character!

12:45 pm  

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