14 December 2005

The most amazing thing happened tonight...

...when I logged into my e-mail and found I had Myspace messages and a friend request. So I logged into myspace to see who wanted to be my friend today, and my god I got a HUUUUUUUUGE shock. I am still reeling and it's been over an hour now. This guy had sent me a message and added me as a friend. Now I feel I must give you some background info because you have no idea how exciting this is unless I tell you.

Adam was one of my best friends at school, we used to do stupid stuff like dance to steps and various other cheesy music together, hang out loads and we even put the words from a steps song into one of our English oral assessments. We got the bus together and we used to eat lollipops on the bus (not sure why but it became a morning tradition). Adam has since been my lollipop chum. When we were 15 we both came out to each other and lollipop chums took on a whole different meaning, known only to us at that time.

Anyway I have not heard a thing from him since I went away to uni, for one reason or another, and though I asked many people if they knew his wherabouts he'd seemingly disappeared. I did an online search for him a few years back but since Adam Brown isn't an unusual name, no luck, unlike me Sarah Waling. Anyway I'm thrilled he's got in touch and it's like the best Xmas present ever ever ever!!!!!


Blogger Ally said...

That's brilliant! I've had something similar - did a bit of late-night drunken Friend's Reuniteding (if that's not a verb, it should be) and found a friend I was really close to when I was 13-16, before she moved schools. Really nice feeling!

10:59 am  
Blogger Rhys said...

Yeah, always nice when you find old friends. Got me looking on Friends Reunited now, so many old crushes are on there (and a few that were reciprocal ;).....that's a lie). Though I'm glad that I managed to get in touch with Vicky after 3-4 years.

Ally: Wouldn't it be "Friends Reuniting?"

4:00 pm  
Anonymous blooigloo said...

It wouldn't be "friends reuniting" because that somehow implies re-meeting people without the use of the fancy, fancy website... and probably infringes on some trademark or the like.

10:47 pm  

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