31 December 2005

New Year, New me

OK so 2005 is almost over, we are nearing the final few hours as we say goodbye to a year once again. And in TV style I'm going to reflect on 2005. Not as many would, on news events, this will be done to death internet wide anyway. But on my 2005. So without further ado:

Defining moments of 2005
  • February: I started blogging, and discovered a whole new world.
  • May: I finished uni, with a 3rd class degree, which in all honesty although I'm disappointed with (I know I could have done better), I stuck out the course to the very end, for which I'm proud
  • 18th July: I started a new job, making coffees. This, while really not the best job in the world, has brought me happiness in the friends I have met though work, something I thought could never happen to me.
  • One Sunday night in early September: We went for a few drinks after work. My first ever trip to the handbag. Rich asked me if I swung both ways, and I admitted it. We got very drunk, I cycled home, and the Sunday night out was born. (Court of King Caractacus)
  • Tuesday 4th October: I met someone who was to turn my world upside down. (Celine Dion - I'm Alive)
  • Sunday 9th October: My first ever cigarette in the toilets at Bar B.
  • November: I admitted to my mum my sexuality, Mark told me to stop trying to be something I'm not. By the end of the month I pretty much accepted who I am.
  • Early December: I finally felt brave enough to change my status from bisexual to lesbian (Shirley Bassey - I am what I am)
  • 19th December: My first true one night stand :S
  • Xmas Day: The words "I'm a lesbian" finally felt so easy to say.
And now, for 2006, New years resolutions:
  • I will join a gym and get fit, and undertake a cycle challenge, which i will update you all on and expect sponsorship hehe. So dig deep when the time comes.
  • I will stop eating rubbish all the time and drinking so much (except Sunday nights of course).
  • I will come out to my whole family.
  • I will pay off that pesky credit card, even if it means a bank loan.
  • I will move out of my parents house, I can't get to 24 living with my mum, it's just too sad.
  • And hopefully I will find love now I've about found myself.
To everyone who reads this Merry New Year and best of tidings for 2006.


Anonymous Dawn said...

Happy New Year Saz!!

Not read you blog before, but must do again! Maybe see you soon.

Dawn xxx

5:44 pm  
Anonymous Bry said...

well, thank you. For putting the "court of king caractacus" song in my head for the first time in 18 months. All together now... "we-eeee-eeell... the boys who put the stitches..."

10:54 pm  

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