27 December 2005

So I never did tell you....

how my Christmas was. Well the truth be known, I didn't have the best one ever, mainly because I was: (1) Working; and (2) Ill. I got up, and went to my dad's house for present opening. I was really quite disappointed to be honest, not because I don't appreciate presents, but it is the thought that counts, and not much thinking had been going on. I had excessive amounts of chocolate, which considering I don't really eat chocolate is not a good thing. My dad had got me my mum's fave chocs which I can't stand which really annoyed me, because my dad doesn't know me. I guess that was what it came down to, he doesn't know what makes me tick, and he's known me 23 years, he damn well should. He' getting me a digicam though so I can't really complain, we're going shoppin for it in the sales so I can get a better one than I would have been able to pre-Xmas. My lil bro tho, gotta love him got me the bestest ever present. He'd done all his shopping at bargain booze and got me a big bottle of Baileys. Woooh! Cripes I feel so emo for that paragraph!

Anyway went to work at the pub and because I was feeling ill, lost my voice entirely and ended up just collecting glasses. My boss told me I wasn't well enough to come in tomorrow, and so I didn't work. I'm supposed to be working today but still feel damn awful (not helped by the chemists all being closed over xmas - argh!!) I don't get why people go to the pub on Christmas day, I really don't.

Went back to my dad's and cooked dinner for everyone, which was the high point of the day, with Ali laughing excessively at the ever poor christmas cracker jokes. My brothers were their usual selves over dinner, generally being stupid, my dad saying very little and me just trying to stay awake, keep up with the banter at the appropriate times. After dinner I crashed out on the couch and at the first opportunity got a cab back to mums. I gave the cab driver all my xmas tips (£8.50) because I couldn't be bothered to count the actual fare, which was something near £7. Anyway I made coffee for everyone and sat scoffing mince pies and we played beat the intro. I'm suprisingly good at it hehe. I had some more presents at mum's house and got series 5 of 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps on dvd which was pretty awesome!! Anyway that about sums up the day, was much better than last year though.


Blogger Loki said...

shite. i got everyone chocolate!

2:18 am  
Blogger Sazzle said...

I know Craig but you can be excused for lck of funds/time. Anyway I like celebrations (well i like the teaser ones anyway)

11:19 am  

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