16 December 2005

Time to me

I have a little me time at the moment, in between working my ass off and I'm spending it browsing the internet, thought I'd update you all on how my life's been going lately. Well I have to say pretty good. I've seen my dad this week, went out for a curry (I wish I'd had a hot one, as much as I love Chicken Kashmiri, it's a little mild and sweet for my liking) and I talked him to death. We discussed the possibilty of a digicam as an Xmas present, and what's actually happening Xmas day. My dad noticed how I'm much happier now I know who I am, I just need to figure out exactly what I want. I'm considering going back to college too, though I have a few ideas as to what to do and I need to work out the logistics of each.

Last night I went to see a pantomime with Megan Spoon, was awesome fun, and we've been doing some stupid action and shouting "Woo!" (as this was in the panto) all day at work. We had a tube of Haribo Starmix and used it for shouting BOOOOOOO through (we ate most the sweeties before the show began hehe), so it's a boo tube. We were going to make it into a Starbux rocket today, but I forgot it because I woke up late. Dammit.

After work today I went to pick up my tickets for my St Lucia. Yey, so excited! I need to get on the sunbed a few times to build up a base tan before I go else I'll just end up bright red after a day. I'm not particularly bothered about the tan, I just can't be bothered with sunburn!! The place we're staying at is awesome and I plan on spending quite a bit of time in the gym there, playing tennis and doing some watersports. As well as chilling on the beach and writing poetry. Oh and dancing around the beach drinking rum alla Cptn Jack Sparrow. Although I said I'm not going to go food or alcohol mad, even if it is all inclusive. Want to be a bit healthier next year, tho starting next year when I get back (11th Jan) wouldn't be too bad I guess.

My fancy dress came today from Wonderland. I used them for Halloween, and they again have provided an excellent service. I have Miss Claus (right) for Xmas eve and Xmas day at the pub and Miss pirate (left) for NYE, we're pirates because because we arrrrr! The Miss Santa dress is a little short, but it covers my bum so all is good really. And it's longer than the Ann Summers version I considered. haha. Still, I get to wear my white fishnet stockings hehe.

Also today, I went shopping for a top to wear for our Xmas do (Sunday, I'm sure it will be the usual carnage*), came back £64 lighter but with 2 jumpers, and 2 t-shirts so all is good! I needed em anyways! I've been to hobbycraft this week, was in my element with all them beads, gosh, it was amazing, spent £12 on beads, got loads, though not even thought about what I'm going to do with them, I need some more cord. Have said I'll make someone a necklace for their birthday, so should get a wriggle on really. Am going to be majorly busy this next week and have to fit in mince pies and Xmas cake making....ooooh hectic life, but happy one!

*Hopefully this week no-one will say/do anything they will later regret and consequently resign :S


Blogger Rhys said...

I saw this and I thought of you :)

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9:54 pm  
Blogger Sazzle said...

hehe no-one said or did anything they will regret, 'cept me, i can't remember most of the night and i didn't wake up in my own bed. ooops

10:40 pm  

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