02 January 2006

New Years Eve, because we arrrrr!

Well a new years like no other. We decided a few weeks ago that the fancy dress theme would be pirates. Now this was around the time the crappy joke
"Why are pirates called pirates?"
"Because they arrrrrrr!"
was circulating. So if people asked us why the theme was pirates, that was our answer. And of course he prospect of spending the night playing with swords was quite exciting, even if they were plastic. I actually had time after finishing at Sbux to go home, and get changed, so I did, and I got the bus in all my glory, with my scar drawn on my face in permanent marker and all. Got a few funny looks from people, but kinda played it down and looked at them as if to say, "What are you looking at?" and they looked away. Quality!

Check out my bad self, don't I look good?

Anyway I had written fake tatoos on my arms, an anchor and my imaginiary girlfriends name in a heart on my arm (just to avoid any doubt hehe). I was getting well into the spirit of things and I was kinda shocked by someone who came up to the bar and said "Sarah?" I looked at her blankly for a few seconds, thinking, "Is that who I think it is?" and then she said, "Raz!" and it was confirmed. Yes the girl I pulled in the Raz back in November. Was totally surreal. Spent the night flirting, and in honesty it actually made my night to get some female attention since I totally wasn't expecting it.

At 11.45, as is tradition, the bar closes and we go on our break. After the Auld Langs Ayne, we did the conga around the pub (and I mean around the pub, going out one door and back in the other and I was dancing on my own to the music man in the middle of the vaults, to bemused looks from other staff members. After re-opening for half an hour at 12.30 and tidying up, we had an after hours party.

We had a great buffet as always) and played trivial pursuit which was boring, because one team, who we beat (wahoo) kept having go after go because they were so brainy. I was like "I'm going to sleep for a bit, wake me up when they've finished." I've had better games played on NYE at the pub, and since this was my 4th, was a little tame, but I've had worse, and poor Rhys had a helluva time. The only thing I had to contend with was defending who I am to a silly little boy. Ay well, all in a days work.


Blogger Mike said...

You know, you were the third unconected group of people I know who had a pirate themed new years. Is this some form of conspiricy I havn't been told about?

5:34 pm  
Blogger Ian Edwards said...

Now that looks like a fun night out!

12:40 am  

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