13 January 2006

Thursday 5th January

I woke up thinking "my mum's getting married today!" and went down to the beach to ask about windsurfing lessons. I'd fancied it and never done it and they let me do it straight away. I met my instructor, Mylo and after a land simulation, so I could get the hang of it before going in the water, we waded on in there and got on with it. The moment I first stood up on the board, before even touching the sail, I fell off and over the next hour, I spent more time in the water than on the board, but perserved and eventually managed to go about 10 yards before falling off again.

After lunch, we went upstairs to have showers and get ready for the wedding. My flower wouldn't attach to my hair, so I had to go to the on site hairdressers and steal some kirby grips. Anyway we got picked up from my mum's room in golf carts, yep, that's what they use for wedding cars, and taken to the gazebo which was decorated beautifully. The ceremony was memorable, the priest, James Prudence, began by welcoming them on behalf of the hotel staff, the people and the government of St Lucia, which while sounds fine me writing it, it took him so long to say, we thought he was going to name everyone living on the island. He showed everyone the rings, saying that they were special, and, "are circles. A circle has no beginning and no end, which is symbolic of today". Though he did forget to mention why. When it came to the end, he declared them "husband and...(massive pause)....wife". I wore a dress for as long as the pictures took and then I went upstairs and got changed into smart trousers and my waistcoat, in keeping with the wedding colours for dinner.

Dinner took forever, and we got annoyed with the staff because they clearly hadn't been communicating with each other, and they didn't have the lobster thermidor as requested. It was still lovely but it put a bit of a dampener on the day. Later on that evening, as part of the entertainment at the hotel, they held a "Miss Almond Morgan Bay" Competition. I was persuaded to enter and was doing pretty poorly, being probably the most unattractive girl on stage and losing the downing coke competition and Simon Says. Then we had to model to Shania Twain "I feel like a woman" (oh watch that pun!) and I did a cartwheel in the middle of my modelling and pulled it all back and managed to win the competition! Was so funny, I would have breakdanced, but I can't so it was the next best thing.


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I have that dress! From Wallis, right?

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