21 February 2006

Bike ride with the L's

Ok so it's taken some time to do this, mainly because my internet connection has been majorly sucky. So while it's working I'll do it to shut a certain young lady up. Last Friday we decided to do something more wholesome than spending the entire day in bed, so she brought her bike over and we decided to go for a ride. Now as I'd lost my bike lock I decided we should go to Blackpool so I could buy a new one. And when we got to town, after getting free beverages (with a lot of teasing for cycling) at work, I took her to the most quality of places; POUNDLAND to buy some glostick bracelets!! We were on the way out of there and we saw these fab lunchboxes, for a pound, we'd have one each. Although she argues that only she should have one as only she has a reason: Haribo is her nickname!

Then we decided that we needed something to put in them so we filled them with food - yey.

This done we were going to sit on the beach, but unfortunately the tide was in.

So we sat on the prom watching the sea and taking random pictures of seagulls and stuff.

Afterwards we went and played on the 2p machines and I lost £2 very quickly, I had a go on the dance machine and we bought sticks of rock!! A little bit crazy but the day cost about a tenner, including the lunchbox and filling it, and we got some much needed (in my case definately) exercise!


Blogger Ally said...

Yay! for cheap days out! :)

10:28 am  
Blogger Loki said...

woo! Now that's what I call a day out!

12:51 am  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Who's she? The cat's mother??? :p

Dont forget, the £10 included lots and lots of glo-sticks. Quality buy!!!!

And yeah, I needed the exercise too. My bum killed the next day but nevermind!


11:32 am  

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