06 March 2006

Hard Gays Night

This weekend I took a few days off for Rhys's birthday and went down to Liverpool. Anyway the lads had gone to lunch already as I said not to wait til 2pm for me so i was trying to find somewhere to eat something. Now I wanted to stay away from Starbucks/McDonalds/KFC so I went for a little walk down the cavern quarter of Liverpool hoping I could find a cute little cafe that's similar to my fave cafe in Blackpool. I found a door with a few steps up and so i walked inside and I'd found myself in a small bar. No fear I thought, alot of bars do food, so i went up to the bar and asked if they did. The barman said no (but did offer me last night's leftover pizza, which I politely declined) so i ordered half a lager, so as not to look like a total prick! Anyway there was this blackboard behind the bar with a load of writing on it which I thought, "I'll read later" and I started to look around the place.

On the back of the bar i spotted bottles of poppers, and I thought "That's rather odd...."
So I looked upwards and sure enough there was rainbow netting above the blackboard. And on closer inspection of the blackboard there was a Mr and Mr and Mrs and Mrs night, a Gay Psychic night and the whole thing was written out in ROYGBIV! I don't know if the barman clocked the moment I realised I was in a gay bar*, but I think I masked my revelation quite
well. On closer inspection of the arty versions of the beatles album covers they were Sgt Pepper's GAY Lonely Hearts Club Band and A Hard GAY'S Night plus the others which I can't remember.

I exited the bar the other side to where I came in and sure enough there were rainbow flags flying proud, had I seen these I would have known in an instant, but there was definately no indication the way I'd gone in (I walked past again, to check) . I ended up meeting the boys lunch-less, but in good spirits.

*Not that I don't frequent gay bars or anything, just amused me that of all the places I could walk into in Liverpool....and that I had no idea until that point.


Blogger Ian Edwards said...

Hope you had a good time in Liverpool! You must have been drawn to the gay bar, was it busy there?

12:49 pm  

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