12 March 2006

Straight and narrow

Saturday it was Meg's birthday celebrations part one. So we went out in town. Now I'm not generally a fan of straight Blackpool but I'm willing to go out occasionally out of the protective loop that is the scene. I spent the whole afternoon shopping in Manchester for a new top and went out looking very straight I must say! I got there before everyone else and I was dying for the loo and there was a huge queue for the bar we were going to. So I ran into this place called Tapas Bar. which I know for tequila, and ordered a tequila on my own. I'm not sure why, I don't even like the stuff! Except for buterscotch in Ca Va with mates! Anyway, I went to Walkabout and had a pretty good time in there. Got talking to this girl while I was waiting for everyone else to arrive and what do you know? She was gay, haha. Anyway, drinking....I'd had wine at home so although Corona would be the drink of choice it seemed not a very good idea. So vodka it was then, Oh dear this was going to be a messy night!!

(my hand is not on Hanna's boob, honest!)

Anyhoo we got the DJ to say happy birthday to Meg and play "9 til 5" by Dolly Parton, and we did this dance that some guys were doing in Mardis Gras one time, which amused us greatly. Jade got a lollipop from somewhere and we were sharing it, and me generally flirting with her and getting a bit of attention for it haha. And then they wouldn't believe I was gay and this guy started saying you know you fancy me!! To this stuck up loser (who I wouldn't have fancied even if I was straight) i said "If you've got a penis, I don't wanna know." Oh how I love it!

Anyway so onto the club and was pretty good in there. As I serve one of the bouncers at my pub job, I managed to get in for half price which was very nice! I told one guy I was talking to my name was Rachel, as that's what I'd decided my name would be for the evening. He was a little weird. I got talking to some random chicks in the toilets and then met up with them a little later on when Meg had gone home very drunk and kinda got offered some class A drugs which I declined (what a good girl). The weird thng was I was expecting for a change a nice mix of guys n gals, but the club was full of guys! Saw my bouncer friend (who apparently says I'm a very happy drunk) again and decided that it had got to 3am, maybe it was time to go. So I walked out of the door, and what did I see?

Yes a blizard, not that you can tell from the pic. In strappy shoes and no coat it was a little cold walking for a taxi, but managed to get home safe, sleep it off and get up the next morning to make this creation with my brother! Fred took an hour to make, but great hangover cure!

Birthday celebrations part 2 tonight! Out on the scene again, can't wait.


Blogger Rhys said...

Jeez it is tall. I didn't believe you when you said Fred was the same size as you, I was wrong and I do apologise :)

1:02 pm  
Blogger Loki said...

That is one hell of a snowman! The eyes make it look evil. Although it's better than my attempt - I broke branches off a tree, and one branch was much longer than the other, hence a snow Beadle.

5:22 pm  

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