04 April 2006

Daddy's little girl

Tonight myself and my brothers went out to celebrate my dad's 50th. Which basically involved a lovely meal at an Italian and my dad looking lost while me and my brothers jibbered on about rubbish. Plus copious amounts of alcohol. 2 glasses of wine and I was being overly forward with my dad. My grandma was over a few weeks ago so I asked my dad if he'd told her that I was a raving dyke (my words too). He said no and looked rather uncomfortable.

Never really got on with my dad but things are more strained these days. I've disappointed him twice this past year, with my degree and my sexuality, and I'll do anything to avoid seeing him. He's stopped asking about my love life because he doesn't want to know. But I feel he knows nothing about me (came into sbux to see me on a sunday: I work at the pub on Suns) and that hurts. I do try, but he won't accept me and in some ways I resent him, because if not for him so much could be different.


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